Friday 16 August 2013

MLM Software - The Role of E-wallet or E-Money And ewallet system in mlm Software

+91-8696-333-222 - MLM Software. E-wallet is a medium to store all information related to transactions  which involve E-money. E-money is a virtual money which is stored in user account online in online banks. It has all the power same as that of cash. Use of E-wallet  had now simplified the online transactions as we don't have to enter user data every time during each transaction. Moreover it is more secure and reliable. E-wallet enables a user to do transaction with this virtual money  which is deposited in his account and managed by the MLM Software.

E-Wallet System in MLM Software

Let's see the various uses of E-wallet in MLM Software

It is same as other online transactions. Working of MLM software is based on the principle of E-currency. Any product could be sold or purchased with the use of E-money through E-wallet. MLM software providers  give a secure system to use and maintain this E-wallet . All operations on this E-wallet are smooth and fast. It empowers a user to maintain the transaction of cash in more simplified manner.

Importance  of E-wallet in Cash-In process
In E-wallet money could be deposited  through any of following manner.
1. Money deposited by credit card, debit card etc.
2. Money transferred by any other E-account.

Importance  of E-wallet in Cash-out process
In E-wallet money is spent  or cash goes out in any of following  manner.
1. Money is withdrawn.
2. On purchase of E-pins.
3. While transferring E-money to another E-Wallet account.
4. Adjusting bonus amount.
5. As a online fee for new registration.
6.Request for E-money withdrawl.
7. On upgrading any members account.

Features of E-wallet system
We provide MLM  software powered with E-wallet . Our E-wallet system has following special features.
1. E-pins could be easily purchased .
2. Amount in E-wallet could be used as new registration fees.
3. Amount could be transferred to any other E-wallet.
4. E-money  could be used to purchase or order any product.
5. Amount  which is deducted on re-purchase from payouts can be transferred  back to E-wallet.

Now you have understood the importance of E-wallet in MLM software. provide a very strong MLM Software which has a very strong E-wallet system which records each single transaction of both in and out in a systematic manner. Also it is enough secure and safe. E-wallet system had revolutionized the MLM industry. We provide the best E-wallet system for MLM companies. We are best MLM software Company in the world. E-wallet system is a magic wand to maintain the transaction of E-money in smooth and secure manner.

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